Who are you gonna call?

Alan Spicer tech at ebiznet.com
Wed Jun 30 02:46:00 UTC 1999

Don't forget OFF-SITE backups in a Fire-Safe Facility of these important
paper/magnetic/electronic (palm pilot, mag tape, optical storage,...) 

At 05:16 PM 6/29/99 -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:
>>Seriously, though, there comes a point when you have to just trust in 
>>something. The chances of one's phone and palm both going out at the same
>>time are fairly remote, I would expect. 
>Yes, paper has a 451F temperature problem, and palm pilots and cellphones
>have an EMP problem (not to mention a battery recharger problem).  But my
>question wasn't about remembering the numbers.  Assume some really experienced
>people are doing this stuff and will make sure the numbers are there and
>the message goes through, no matter what.  Even if they have to send a
>messenger on foot to relay the messages like the Roman Empire.  I know
>its difficult for engineers, but ignore the people behind the curtain.
>Who would you want to be able to call to bootstrap the system back up?
>Would you call CERT/CC?  Or since they don't actually fix anything, is that
>a wasted call?
>Would you call Microsoft?  Or since nothing critical on the Internet depends
>on their products, is that a wasted call?
>Nortan or Symantec?  How about IANA/ICANN?  CNN or AOL to say stay off the
>infobahn, accident and workers in the road ahead?
>Or instead of corporations, would you rather individuals be on the list?
>Is there any consensus, rough or otherwise, of Internet-specific resources
>the network operations community would like to have access?  Ask now.
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