Cisco TAC KRAP !!

Alex Bligh amb at
Fri Jun 25 17:24:38 UTC 1999

>From a non-cisco internal point of view, when I have a problem
with Cisco TAC's performance which happens occassionally, I contact
my account manager and/or our contact in Cisco Service. Whilst
I can't say they've fixed everything 100% of the time, they are
far more likely to do something than whinging anonymously on
NANOG. Every call desk has their rogue idiots. Another part
of my company runs several desks- when people complain, we identify
the individuals and try & get it fixed. In order to do this
they'll need your name, and the rep's name.

On a final note (and no I don't take their shilling) Cisco's
TAC is the best of any large-scale hardware vendor I've
ever used. Still. Despite foibles. If you a lot worse, you
should have tried Ascend Europe (which has possibly
improved since a year ago when we dumped all their
kit - this being one of the main reasons).

The cynic in my wonders why this is posted anonymously.
Just what have you got to hide? Not working for a competitor
or market researcher per chance?

Alex Bligh
GX Networks (formerly Xara Networks)

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