A cordial invitation.

s0vx at yahoo.com s0vx at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 23:36:17 UTC 1999

Dear Candidate,


You were recently appointed by The Office of 
the Managing Director for a free listing in 
The Lexington Publishing Who's Who Directory. 
Please fill out the form provided at our 
web site below.[email protected]/temp/cyber-5/222.html

Our Public Affairs Office gathers information 
from many recognized sources, including 
professional associations and societies, trade
organizations, newspaper and magazine articles, 
professional reference publications, web presence, 
and referrals from existing members.

As a highly respected professional in your 
field of expertise, we believe your contributions 
merit very serious consideration for
inclusion in The Lexington Publishing Who's Who Directory.

To maintain the level of accuracy, we ask you to 
click on the web address highlighted below and 
fill out the brief bit of information
required for inclusion.[email protected]/temp/cyber-5/222.html

There is no cost or obligation to be listed 
in The Lexington Publishing Who's Who Directory.  
All applicants will receive a free listing compliments of
Lexington Publishing Who's Who.[email protected]/temp/cyber-5/222.html

My Sincere Thanks,

Lisa Narod
Office Of Public Affairs

A Lexington Publishing representative 
will contact you shortly after 
submission of the application form. All information 
provided will be used solely for the purposes
described herein. We apologize if this has reached 
you in error. We thank you for your time.

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