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Mon Jun 21 07:27:41 UTC 1999

At 11:29 PM 6/20/99 +0200, Philippe Strauss wrote:
>On Fri, Jun 18, 1999 at 12:55:16AM -0700, I Am Not An Isp wrote:

>> I am sorry, I never intended that page to be USED by anyone, it was
>> strictly there for historical/reference purposes.
>Yes, I've used it because it was the only version of Sean's ACL112 I've found.
>My goal was just to experiment about how isp's desaggregate ip space
>relative to how assigning authorities distribute it.

Funny, I wonder why you didn't get the original NANOG post - the URL to
which I copied in my last post.

>> Philippe, if you are going to use something like a modern ACL112, please
>> check out Sean's later posts in the NANOG archive.
>OK, thanks for the advice.
>Will look the archive.

Actually, I did a brief perusal of the archives on and didn't
find the final version.  Does anyone have a copy I can post on the web site?

>But for production, I stick to your ACL190.

Thanx, but there is a minor error in that one too. :)  Don't use the line.  (Not that it should hurt anything, but don't use it
anyway.)  I'll be putting up a better one in a little while.

>Anyone having references about how assigning authorities claim
>to aggregate address space? (I know that RIPE never allocater longer than /20
>ACL112 take various assumption, were are the reference information about

If you go to the URL I copied in my last post and look at the threads
surrounding it, Sean's logic is partially exposed in posts to this very
list - as well as other peoples' reactions to his logic.  (Please note that
I am in no way claiming to know why Sean did something, just pointing out
that he posted some reasons to NANOG that might clarify his reasoning.)

>Altavista found it for me :-)
>Try ACL112 and look the result. Time to write a robot.txt :-))

Heh.  Those damned robots. :)

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