DS-3 Error Stats

Mark A. Cnota mcnota at ameritech.net
Mon Jun 14 23:10:18 UTC 1999

I wanted to pipe in and repeat something I heard. It might have been
written in a local ILEC tariff or something I heard as a verbal explanation.

You will find availability (% uptime or % error free) numbers in
some/most/all? tariffs. The "fine print" is that the availability number
given is calculated across everyone's circuits, not yours. So any
"guarantee" you might infer is probably much weaker than you might
originally have thought.

-Mark (not speaking for my employer or anyone else in particular)

(btw, last I checked aal5 reassembly errors - which are usually due to
dropped cells - show up as CRC errors on a cisco router interface)

At 05:37 PM 6/14/99 -0500, Sean Donelan wrote:
>However, I'm not sure knowing them will do you much good.  I tracked
>down the numbers for DS1 once upon a time.  Like any good-one-sided
>telco tariff, the circuit could be very bad and still meet the "acceptable"
>performance objectives for the service.  If I recall correctly, a DS1 could
>have several thousand error seconds a day, and be considered "acceptable"
>according to the tariff.  I've never looked up the DS3 numbers, so I don't
>know the official tariff numbers.  As always, the tariff overrides anything
>the sales person told you, or anything written in your contract.

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