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Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Mon Jun 14 23:49:42 UTC 1999

A fellow NANOG reader (though not poster) sent me this, and since
it seems relevent, I'm forwarding it on to the list.

>Both the ITU-T and Committee T1 publish performance standards
>that include parameter definitions for dedicated digital services
>(e.g., ITU-T G.826, ANSI T1.510) and other service types
>(e.g., ATM, Frame Relay, IP (e.g., ITU-T I.380, T1.511, T1.513, 
>T1.520).  Information on ANSI (T1A1) standards can be found at
>http://www.t1.org/html/std2.htm (keeping in mind that certain
>standards may be newly revised/approved and will be appearing
>shortly -- 1-2 months) on the T1 website.  For example, T1.510
>was recently revised by T1A1 Working Group T1A1.3 (http://www.t1.org/
>t1a1/t1a1.htm) at its May 1999 meeting and is in T1 letter ballot at
>this time.  You can access relevant contributions via 
>http://www.t1.org/index/0628.htm and the draft proposed standard
>via http://www.t1.org/index/10001.htm:
>lb775.pdf     184684  05-26-99  T1 Letter Ballot 775 - Draft Proposed
>                                Revision of ANSI T1.510-1994 - Network
>                                Performance for Dedicated Digital Services
>                                for Rates Up to and Including
>                                DS3-Specifications.
>                                Issued 05/26/99.  Closes 07/07/99.

Exactly which standard your telco referenced in its tariff will vary.
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