HP Openview Slowness.

Scott Call scall at devolution.com
Wed Jun 9 19:51:33 UTC 1999

"Alex P. Rudnev" wrote:

> If you begin to use commercial soft after free one, then:
> - don't drop free soft, ypu'll use it anyway;

I know :) I'm doing HPOV because the 'suits' want a pretty network map on a projector
somewhere.  MRTG/etc will still be very present in the system :)

> - increase memory, CPU and disk up to 2 - 4 times (if you had 64RAM,
> install 512);

Noted, thanks.

> - be ready to be disappointed;


> Through HP OV is not bad piece of software.

It's not, but I am disappointed it's not more router-centric.  I appreciate the need to
monitor workstations, but I've got multitudes more network devices that workstations/servers.

Thanks for all the responses everyone.

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