TOS issues with non RFC compliant TCP stacks

Nick Bastin nbastin at
Wed Jun 9 07:17:53 UTC 1999

Alan Hannan wrote:
>   Certain versions of MacTCP send a RST when they receive SYN ACK
>   packets of TOS!=0.

MacTCP is *old*, and has many more problems than this.  Please tell your
help desks that if they run across users still using MacTCP, that they
advise them to upgrade to at least MacOS 7.5.3 (preferably 7.5.5), which
is free, and includes Open Transport.  68k macs are the most likely
candidates, as you would have to go through contortions to even make
MacTCP *work* on a PPC mac, although it can be done (for reasons passing understanding).

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