Domain dissapearances?

George Herbert gherbert at
Wed Jul 21 21:12:03 UTC 1999

I have had one of my domains dissapear (possibly into "on hold"
status, but no confirmation/notice from NetSol since I noticed
and started complaining on Saturday) from the root servers DNS
though it's in whois fine.  I have gotten a couple of other
reports that people's domains have similarly up and vanished
out of DNS without any warning or known cause, with similar
lack of response from NetSol so far.

Is anyone else seeing a problem pattern here, or is this just a few
random minor outages?  Anyone else having problems getting NSI
to answer their email right now as well?

If you know of a serious problem, feel free to reply to the list,
but if you have just a minor informational report please email
me directly to keep S/N high on the list.  I'll summarize such
reports if it looks useful later.  Thanks!

-george william herbert
gherbert at   Disclaimer: I am not a CRL Employee.

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