WEATHER: rolling blackouts along the East Coast

Dan Foster dsf at
Wed Jul 7 05:27:40 UTC 1999

Hot Diggety! On a bright and sunny day, Gregory Urban was rumored to have said..
> Let's not forget that a/c units in data centers, NOC's, and customer
> service call centers have been running 24x7 as the night time temperatures
> have not dropped below 80 in many cities on the east cost for days (it's
> over 90 in DC at 1:00am).  Units in commercial office buildings
> have shut down, and repair times are not good.  The consequences of a
> failure are more obvious than the solutions for those running off of
> building a/c units and/or smaller individual a/c systems.

Hmm. Those folks might be better served by studying data center environments
in the South or Southwest - ie Phoenix, Dallas, etc. Those folks generally
don't seem to be unduly alarmed by operational impact since they've planned
for it one way or another from day one, AFAIK.

As a side note, I got hit by brief blackouts in my building that affected
equipment not in the computer room (ie workstations; computer room on an
industrial strength UPS - and I don't mean APS units :) ) yesterday - not
sure, but suspect had to do with the rolling blackouts(?).

As for the air conditioning units...good point.


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