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Sean Patrick Gorman spg1x at
Wed Jan 27 18:44:56 UTC 1999

I was wondering if anybody out there had any insight into how functionally
integrated once seperate networks become when two telcos merge or one
telco buys anothers network.  I was looking at a recently publiched map of
Cable and Wireless's new network, since the purchase of MCI's network as
an off shoot of the MCIWorldCom merger, and the map did not seem to
C&W's old network topology.  In fact it seemed pretty close to being the
old MCI network back when they released the topology and things were not
top secret.  The question is what will become of the old C&W network, will
it be
functionally integrated within routing tables and meshed with the MCI
network or operate as a seperate privately peered network. Any input would
be greatly appreciated.


Sean Gorman 
University of Florida 
Department of Geography        

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