Busy Connect

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at greendragon.com
Wed Jan 27 16:46:56 UTC 1999

I don't know how many other small/dialup ISPs are seeing this problem.
BellSouth just turned it on in our area.  Sent our support calls through
the ceiling during busy evening hours.

>Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:39:31 -0600
>Subject: Please Help Us
>From: "Howard Shere" <hshere at watervalley.net>
>BellSouth recently added a feature to your phone service called "Busy
>Connect". This service plays a recording whenever you dial and get a busy
>signal offering to keep trying the number for 75 cents. This service will
>interfere with your modems ability to detect a busy signal and your computer
>will report that "the computer you are dialing is not answering" or some
>similar message.
>2 weeks ago BellSouth told us that this service was on our lines and we
>asked that it be removed. They told us that this would solve the "no answer"
>problems that our customers were reporting. We have continued to get
>complaints from customers about "no answer" problems and when we talked to
>BellSouth today, we were told that this service was on our customers lines
>and not on ours. We are not sure why we were given the wrong information
>when we first reported this trouble.
>We are asking that all of our customers call BellSouth and ask to have this
>service removed. They have refused to help us directly and have said that
>the only way to have this service removed is for our customers to call them
>BellSouth can be reached at 557-6500 (for home telephone customers) or
>557-6000 (for small business customers). Tell them you want the "Busy
>Connect" service removed from your line. There is no charge from BellSouth
>for removing this service.

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