Who uses RADB/IRR?

Jake Khuon khuon at GCtr.Net
Sat Jan 23 01:45:52 UTC 1999

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### uses RADB/IRR?":

DA> I started looking at the RADB, but haven't got ourselves setup yet.  Does
DA> anyone actually deny routes which aren't listed in the RADB?  I guess what
DA> I'm really asking is how important is it to be in the RADB? Does it get
DA> more important sometime soon?

"Important" is hard to define.  People tend to register in the RRs and make
use of the RSes because:

[1] It's the right thing to do to publish public policy.  It's like
    signalling before changing lanes.

[2] It makes life easier on yourself and the community that participates in
    configuring off the RRs.

DA> I would also tend to think [based on limited BGP knowledge] that it would
DA> only be a problem if your direct upstream used the RADB or if your upstream
DA> is RADB filtered by their peers. Is this true? 

You forgot the word "exclusive".  Many providers in addition to configuring
off the RR also manually configure in (by hand) those who do not have
registered policy in the RRs.  I consider this suboptimal administrative
practice but you do what you have to.  And for those who only do
aspath-based filtering... keep knocking on wood. |8^)

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