Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

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Wed Jan 20 20:52:20 UTC 1999


Let's for a moment assume you're argument that real (i.e. non-RFC1918)
addresses are a requirement. Let's also assume some new companies wish
to join these private internets which use real addresses.

Just how exactly are those new companies to get real addresses? They
can't get them from IANA. I suppose they could pay an ISP for a block of
addresses and then not actually connect them.

Perhaps you've come up with a good and workable reason to deploy IPv6.

Ultimately ARIN is an agency for assigning IP addresses for use in the
PUBLIC Internet. If you choose to use those addresses for other
purposes, I don't see that as a problem the folks managing the public
Internet need be concerned with. 
Similarly the InterNIC is an agency for handing out namespace for use in
the PUBLIC Internet. If you wish to use their service for private use,
and you pay your money, there's no harm in that. But, you'll be expected
to play by the rules. That means name servers and valid contact info. It
doesn't mean you have to have a working web server. Name servers need
only serve SOA info. That, at least, provides evidence the domain is
valid and in use, and gives the contact information for anyone wishing
to challenge an organization's right to use a particular domain name.

As thhis whole thread of discussion really centers around private use of
internetworking technology, I have to wonder how it affects operational
issues (which just happens to be the subject of the mailing list).

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