Incompetance abounds at the InterNIC

Alex "Mr. Worf" Yuriev alex at
Wed Jan 20 19:42:52 UTC 1999

> > You don't sound very sure of your arguments.  To which thousand companies
> > are you referring?
> Maybe it's my American accent that makes me sound that way?
> I don't need to know the thousands of companies by name.  I do know that
> one of my customers simply had no choice but to use real external addresses
> because of the requirements of the companies they connect to.  I do know
> that two major automobile companies are involved, as well as several
> large corporations they do construction work for.  In addition, there
> are over a hundred sub-contracting companies they connect to.

Here is one... FedEx. I am wondering who cares to guess how many companies
does fedex have connections to.


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