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Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Mon Jan 4 15:28:14 UTC 1999

> for two+ years, i have been asking cisco for a simple text-based tool that
> can take two configs and generate the command set to get from the first to
> the second.  i.e. a semantic differ.
We have such tool (I estimate it as _ALPHA_), our neighbour RELARN have 
another example of this tool (simple but faster).

I think there is a lot of such tools written everywhere _for internal 
usage_ and withouth documentation.

> as syntax (and occasionally semantics) changes release to release, a version
> of the code would have to come with each image set.
It's the dream... -:) If all Cisco's managers stop to be managers and 
remember their young years when they was (if was) small ISP's systadmins 
and so on, then... -:).

> note that this would go a way to compete with the really nice behavior of
> gated-like systems, e.g. juniper, which, when given a new configuration,
> does not thrash all your bgp sessions etc., but slides smoothly to the new
> state.
Don't remind me GATED, please -:(... strict language, well defined 
syntax... I does use it to learn students...

But how can I explain such command (for example):

 async default routing

or something more terrible...? On the other hand, it's a lot of pleasant 
in IOS's behaviour...

Happy New Year, btw.
> randy

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