Cisco config checker

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Mon Jan 4 16:15:42 UTC 1999

Simpler idea - we hardly need config help based on UNIX system - for 
boths educational and configuration purposes.

And, btw, I do not think their config syntax contain some great secrets 
- it's an example of clue-less (may be I have used wrong word) language. 
Sometimes you guess you'v got the point and can predict new command - and 
when this command appear it's discovered you was wrong... -:) 

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Tony Tauber wrote:

> Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 10:48:02 -0500
> From: Tony Tauber <ttauber at>
> To: Randy Bush <randy at>, "Alex P. Rudnev" <alex at>
> Cc: nanog at
> Subject: Re: Cisco config checker
> On Jan 4,  7:20am, Randy Bush wrote:
> > Subject: RE: Cisco config checker
> > for two+ years, i have been asking cisco for a simple text-based tool that
> > can take two configs and generate the command set to get from the first to
> > the second.  i.e. a semantic differ.
> >
> > as syntax (and occasionally semantics) changes release to release, a version
> > of the code would have to come with each image set.
> >
> Moreover, it'd be nice if Cisco would post concise rules of the
> CLI interpreter (ie. what commands work in what context(s))
> or even license it to third parties who want to write their
> own config checkers.  This would be a vast improvement to poring
> through gobs of tedious (and out of date) documentation to tease
> out what you want.
> Of course, publishing for the various builds would be necessary
> for such an approach to be worthwhile.
> They wouldn't even have to reveal the "hidden" commands. ;-)
> Tony

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