Suggestion: Add contact entry to whois

Owen DeLong owen at DeLong.SJ.CA.US
Fri Feb 26 21:56:31 UTC 1999

Wow, Bob is angry.  I must be doing something right. :-)

Anyway, the proposal relates to domains registered with InterNIC and other
registries that maintain top-level information (country domains, ARIN, RIPE,
APNIC, etc.)  As such, I am referring to entries like:

Free Community Network (FCN3-DOM)
   PO Box 191 Station E
   Toronto, ON M6H 4E2

   Domain Name: FCN.NET

   Administrative Contact:
      Allisat, Bob  (BA502)  tor at WTV.NET
      (416) 534-1999 (FAX) n/a
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      ABRAHAMSEN, GARD  (GA663)  gard at SCRIBA.ORG
      (770) 652-9537 (FAX) (770) 977-4816
   Billing Contact:
      Allisat, Bob  (BA502)  tor at WTV.NET
      (416) 534-1999 (FAX) n/a

   Record last updated on 11-Apr-98.
   Database last updated on 26-Feb-99 07:15:02 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Gee... Looks like Bob published some information for that domain. :-)


> Owen DeLong wrote:
> > OK, perhaps, then, we should consider two contacts:
> > Complaints contact (the destination for complaints
> > about SPAMMERS and such) (SPAM)
> Dan Hollis:
> = Abuse contact.
> DeLong:
> > Enforcement contact (the destination for people who can 
> > respond to real-time hacking concerns) (SMURF, FLOOD, 
> Hollis:
> = Security contact.
>  FCN gives no contacts for the Domain names
>  registered here. It is no-one's business who
>  registers with us. We are not in the business
>  of acting as snitches for overly snoopy and
>  prying computer system administrators. If any-
>  one has a problem they can contact the police
>  and, accompanied with an appropriate court
>  order we will be happy to comply with any real,
>  legitimate investigation. Otherwise fork off,
>  nosey nerds, it's none of your darned business.
>  Bob Allisat
>  Free Community Network _ bob at
> _

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