transit across the ixs

bmanning at bmanning at
Mon Feb 15 04:07:05 UTC 1999

> you might be amused to write a bit of code to see if your ix peers are
> giving you next-hops of other provider(s).  it is clear that a number of
> providers are selling transit across the ixs.  not at all cool.

	Well, that is actually up the the IX operators and
	participants.  Some do think it is cool and a much desired
	feature. Its a really good way to reduce expensive telecoms
	costs. Of course in the US, where bandwidth is free, your 
	castigation of this behaviour may be appropriate.

> we can't decide whether to force next hop on their routes, or keep watching
> and de-peer them if they do not cease and desist.  what do others do in this
> circumstance?

	drop peering w/ verio? 
> randy

-- bill

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