Discussing, or not discussing, major business outages

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Tue Feb 9 21:26:31 UTC 1999

At 03:15 PM 2/9/99 -0600, Phil Howard wrote:
>> Oh, and you'd be surprised what can be done at the 11th hour.  I know I
>I was not referring to before the shut off, but rather, after the shutoff.
>The shutoff is at "midnight" ... after all 11th hours attempts have failed
>to prevent it.  The owners may not come forth, and perhaps even the employees
>won't either.  But that's their choice.  I do believe that if someone else
>reports (and names) some ISP as being actually shutdown (as opposed to just
>reporting they are in financial trouble and may shut down) then there is
>nothing wrong with it.

We'll just have to agree to disagree.  You probably cannot know what is
going on behind the scenes after the packets stop flowing any more (and in
most cases even less so) than before the packets stop flowing.  As an
outsider, it is even more likely that you cannot know what damage will be
done by making such knowledge public.

And even if no damage is done, it's still someone else's network.  Let them
run it, and publicize it, as they please.  Why do you get to know about it?
 Because you want to talk to their customers?  Then call their customers
and ask, just like you would with any other outage.

Curiosity is not an excuse for invasion of privacy.

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