Discussing, or not discussing, major business outages

Phil Howard phil at whistler.intur.net
Tue Feb 9 17:24:14 UTC 1999

> So, if a network, hosting house, dial-up shop, or anyone else is going down
> in flames, I do not think the list should be notified until #1) everyone
> involved is notified and #2) everyone involved agrees no more harm can be
> done.  (We can discuss an addition to #2 like: "or everyone is shut down
> and moved" or something like that.)  Please note I said "everyone
> involved", not "everyone on NANOG".  Just because you run a network does
> not mean you are automagically "involved" in the death of someone else's
> business on the 'Net.
> All IMHO, of course. ;)

Of course.  We each get our own MHO.  Mine looks like this:

If an ISP is so far gone that they have to actually turn off the
equipment and thus they cease to function, then I believe that what
more damage could be done _MAY_ be less than the need for the rest
of us to know they have gone belly up.

Now why would an ISP actually shut off the equipment before they
would no longer be able to answer the phones?  If this scenario
is happening, my guess is their irate customers are not getting
any answers at all, and most likely are going to be desperatly
looking for an alternative, and probably not a temporary one.
Any business that was so bad off that they had to shut off the
equipment isn't going to find a miracle recovery if even 20% of
their customers bail out or withhold payment.  If I had megabucks
to plunk down on failing ISPs, I would only be considering buying
tangibles from any ISP that had shut things off.  Their customer
base is shark bait at that point.

I don't think it is appropriate in an operational context like NANOG
to be pointing out the business problems of an ISP aside from how
that might directly affect network operations for the rest of us.
But one that actually goes under and throws the big red switch, well,
that _is_ an operational issue, AFAIC, regardless of the cause.

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