Monitoring, Flow Stats (Re: spam whore, norcal-systems)

Christopher Neill chris at
Wed Feb 3 17:55:47 UTC 1999

On Tue, Feb 02, 1999 at 09:43:41PM -0500, Dean Anderson wrote:
> Of course, this is all moot with mutual consent. But then you have to show
> where Norcal signed off on Verio's policy. Since they aren't Verio's
> customer, it doesn't seem likely they agreed to Verio's policy.  And of
> course, if Norcal claims they didn't agree to allow Verio to monitor and
> publish their traffic, and Verio has no paper that Norcal did agree, it
> seems difficult for Verio to prove that Norcal did agree.  Which adds up to
> something called "exposure".

Read our policy:

Our customer, let's call them "X", agrees to our policy. Our policy clearly states that their connection is at will, and can be terminated or restricted at any time by us.

So there you have it, CYA.

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