Digital Bill of Rights? (Re: Monitoring, Flow Stats)

Christopher Neill chris at
Wed Feb 3 19:08:28 UTC 1999

On Wed, Feb 03, 1999 at 01:35:44PM -0500, Bob Allisat wrote:
> Christopher Neill <chris at> writes:
> :
> : <>
> :
> : Our customer, let's call them "X", agrees to our policy. Our
> : policy  clearly states that their connection is at will, and
> : can be terminated or restricted at any time by us.
> :
> : So there you have it, CYA.
>  If every ISP has the same AUP then every citizen
>  is forced under duress by a cartel of interests
>  into violating their own human rights, freedom
>  of expression and civil liberties. So fuck your
>  Acceptable Policies! What we need is a Digital
>  Bill of Rights <> to over-ride
>  these sinister commercial carte blanche policies
>  and protect us from bastards like Mr. Neill.

>From the "Digital Bill of Rights":
     The right to uncensored, free, and uncontrolled communications to and from unmoderated, public areas.

Define "public", please.

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