spam whore,

Ravi Pina ravi at
Mon Feb 1 22:15:44 UTC 1999

Just a heads up-

Down stream customer and end-user spammer via started spamming yesterday afternoon.  At first I was
going to dismiss this and wait till Monday, but the complaints
came in at a constant and fast pace.

So I placed a filter on their network t about 3:00pm EST yesterday.

Extended IP access list 142
    deny   tcp eq smtp any log (2226195 matches)
    permit ip any any (57747076 matches)

What was really great is when I called's provider, their
Abuse guy suggested that we just null0 the offending block, but needs
to get approval from his manager.

Since its obvious this customer is going to get booted, make sure 
they don't find you!


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