spam whore,

Dean Anderson dean at
Mon Feb 1 22:54:36 UTC 1999

Nanog is not a proper forum for spam discussion or spam announcements.

A bunch of us on all sides of the issue agreed on this.  Use spam-l or one
of the other lists.

In response, I get my one shot: (thanks)

This kind of monitoring is probably a direct violation of 18 USC 2511, as
is a public announcement of the monitoring results. Indeed, at present, I'd
say it appears to be the best example of an unauthorized 3rd party
violation I've seen so far. (most [all previous] people don't admit
details, but we know some do it). Unless of course you have authorization
from norcal or all the recipients of those 2 million packets to monitor.
Since norcal isn't your customer, I don't suppose you have any paper
showing they gave you permission to collect and publish information about
their traffic.

Its too late to take back your post.  Think first.


At 05:15 PM 2/1/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Just a heads up-
>Down stream customer and end-user spammer via
> started spamming yesterday afternoon.  At first I was
>going to dismiss this and wait till Monday, but the complaints
>came in at a constant and fast pace.

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