Need help from UUNet's routing specialist!

Neil J. McRae neil at
Tue Dec 21 12:50:25 UTC 1999

> We apologise for this customer-provider issue propogating to NANOG.
> For the information of interested folks, and to clear up any incorrect
> perceptions, I have copied the list on my reply.
> Currently, private interconnects from Teleglobe to UUnet are multiple
> DS-3's, in multiple cities. However, as a result of incremental load,
> the management and load-balancing of these is tenuous, and event-sensitive.
> Specifically, internal events on either network, can cause congestion
> as a new closest-exit path is chosen.
> We are currently waiting for delivery of several OC-12 circuits to replace
> the plethora of DS-3's. Unfortunately, provisioning OC-12's is not something
> many LEC's can do, let alone in a timely manner. When these are in place,
> the problems should go away for the forseeable future. Provisioning of
> additional OC-12's should be feasible in the timelines anticipated for
> further growth of traffic.

> I hope this explanation is clear enough; if anyone has questions about this
> or other Teleglobe issues, please feel free to contact me directly.

Apologies for the late reply Brian, it took me a week to recover
from the shock of a response from Teleglobe.  As you appear to be
unable to communication to your customer services people I've taken
the liberty to forward your email to them so that they can explain
your UUNET problems to your customers.

The only question I have for you Brian, is why do customers of
Teleglobe have to take such extreme measures [like posting to nanog]
to find out about issues that affect their service? We have opened
several tickets relating to UUNET problems and your customer services
people continue to blame UUNET and continue to provide inaccurate
information.  We ask for more information, infact you managed to
break your filter program again at the weekend and blamed it on an
Internet Affecting Problem? What kind of explanation is that? None
of our other Transit providers had this "Internet Affecting Problem".
We ask for more information and we get a different person quoting
the previous email, and you then wonder why people email nanog and
other forums? I actually feel sorry for your customer services
people, who are more lost than Mars Polar Lander.

Neil J. McRae - Alive and Kicking.
neil at DOMINO.ORG

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