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Fri Dec 17 19:23:39 UTC 1999

[ On Friday, December 17, 1999 at 08:49:17 (-0800), Tim Wolfe wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: ORBS block
> If Provider X wants to listen to Dean's loony conspiracy theories and block
> ORBS from going through their network, how is that thef of service?  That
> would only be true if ORBS pays Provider X for some type of service and then
> they could fall back to whatever options (arbitration, etc) that their
> contract allows.

It's simple:  I find ORBS a valuable service, both for ensuring my own
mail servers are secure, as well as for telling me about the issues with
my neighbours servers, as well as all the rest around the world.  If my
provider, or an upstream provider from them, were blocking ORBS, even
just their inbound tests, then they would be stealing a service I value.

ORBS is not doing anything whatsoever to affect the network layer and
network operators and providers should not even see them on their

If e-mail operators are having some kind of trouble with ORBS then
that's a different issue, but *not* one that requires network-level
intervention, especially not upstream from *anyone*.

It is most important that people not confuse these issues.  ORBS is not
a network thing -- it only affects a single service.

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