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[ On Saturday, December 11, 1999 at 03:02:07 (-0500), Steve Sobol wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [announce-all] NAC Maintenance this weekend (fwd)
> The last time a transformer blew near my house, all that happened is
> that some of the neighbors lost power for a while.

Well.....  The last time a transformer as big as the one I assume the
story was talking about blew in a warehouse here in Toronto, the entire
corner of the building was knocked out.  I don't remember the details,
but that one's definitely in the records -- check the Toronto Star or
Toronto Sun over the past five years or so (my memory of the timing of
recent events is about as fuzzy as a bank of fog).

I've also heard a story second hand (from someone at the site) of a
backup generator (or buffer generator) that failed (it was three-phase,
something about one phase not switching over I think) which similarly
blew the side of a building out when it failed.  This was back in the
early 80's or maybe even late 70's, and I believe it was a mainframe
datacentre (or factory powerplant), also somewhere in Ontario.

We had an ordinary 4Kv single-phase house transformer blow up after
being struck by lightning on our farm in the 70's too, but I guess
that's a different scale of surge.....  :-)

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