RPSL announcement text

Gerald Andrew Winters gerald at merit.edu
Tue Dec 7 21:59:25 UTC 1999

A reminder for users of the RADB database service: at 12:00:00 a.m. EDT on
January 1, 2000, the transition to the Routing Policy Specification
Language (RPSL) database will be complete.  After January 1, RIPE-181
object submissions will no longer be accepted. 

RIPE-181 submissions made between now and 1/1/2000 will continue to be
visible on whois.radb.net as RIPE-181 objects converted to RPSL.
Availability of the database in both syntax languages eases the transition
to RPSL by allowing users to view RIPE-181 objects converted to RPSL.

RIPE-181 queries will be possible until January 1 via whois queries to
whois-ripe181.radb.net.  However, you will need to  *RECONFIGURE* your
tools to explicitly query whois-ripe181.radb.net and send RIPE-181
submissions to auto-ripe181.radb.net.

For more information, see:


Please send questions or comments to db-admin at radb.net.

	--Gerald Winters
          Merit IRRd team

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