Verio Decides what parts of the internet to drop

Austin Schutz tex at
Sat Dec 4 09:38:58 UTC 1999

>If filter policies like Sprint's and Verio's really are common among the
>big backbone providers, that would seem to make it relatively pointless to
>attempt to multi-home with provider supplied IP space.  We have a customer
>interested in multihoming for reliability, but they use so little IP
>space, even assigning them a /24 would be a stretch.  Since the space we
>let them use is in 209.x.x.x, it seems their route wouldn't get far.  So
>how do they make their internet connection more reliable?  Use IP space
>from each of their providers and play games with DNS and NAT?

	Yes, or get their provider to give them a chunk of swamp space (which
a few have tucked away), multihome with the same provider, or find a way
to justify a routable allocation.
	None of these are, IMO, very good solutions.


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