Fw: NetSol Customer Satisfaction Survey

Chris Cappuccio chris at dqc.org
Thu Aug 12 22:20:33 UTC 1999

Thank you for completing the Customer Satisfaction survey, and sharing
your service experiences. Network Solutions IS committed to
satisfying our customers needs, and improving our products and services.
We value you as a customer, and we want to retain your business. 

We appreciate hearing from you, so that we can make things better. We
welcome your comments at (703) 925-6987, or ocs at networksolutions.com. 


This is what it says when you complete the form.  

It seems like a blatant lie to me!

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

 | I figure most NANOG readers would find this relevant.  If you don't, plonk
 | me and keep it to yourself.
 | S
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 | Anyone want to waste 5 minutes of your day to tell them how you feel.
 | http://netsol.com/survey/
 | /Vince

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