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Chris Cappuccio chris at
Wed Aug 4 15:09:49 UTC 1999

Right on brother !!!!

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Ehud Gavron wrote:

 | ...
 | >(2) It wasn't that long ago that two-week processing was standard for
 | >a lot of domain transactions.  They raised the bar on themselves by
 | >improving turnaround time through automatic processing.  I'm not sure
 | >that they should now have to pay a price for that.
 | 	"Look how good you have it now" is not a valid excuse for incompetence.
 | 	You probably meant "You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear."
 | 	Ehud
 | 	"They" didn't raise the bar.  "They" committed to meeting
 | 	the requirements of running the registration portion of InterNIC.
 | 	"They" are incompetent bufoons, their staff unaware of their
 | 	own rules, their web pages misinforming us, 'their clients',
 | 	and their processes breaking down under stress.
 | 	It's not up to us to excuse them from this incompetence by
 | 	making solipsistic references to a bygone era where 'Teengs Was Bad'
 | 	but to demand excellence and insist on it.
 | 	Unfortunately, with Network Solutions, it's clear the real Solution
 | 	is to replace them.
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Corporations are not evil. That kind of anthropomorphism is inappropriate.
Corporations are too stupid to be evil, only people can be that.  -jwz

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