Contact handles disappearing mysteriously from the whois database!

John Fraizer John.Fraizer at EnterZone.Net
Thu Apr 29 03:55:44 UTC 1999

EnterZone.Net (ENTERZONE2-DOM)
   6227 Headley Road
   Gahanna, OH 43230

   Domain Name: ENTERZONE.NET

   Administrative Contact:
      Fraizer, John  (JF1998)  John.Fraizer at ENTERZONE.NET
      +1 614 316-2708 (FAX) ---------------
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing Contact:
      Network Operations Center  (NOC179-ORG)  noc at ENTERZONE.NET
      +1 614 316-2708
Fax- - o=U,on

   Record last updated on 12-Mar-99.
   Record created on 09-May-97.
   Database last updated on 28-Apr-99 12:45:01 EDT.

Hey!  Look!  They actually decided to un-orphan the domain.  Strange that
they would take it upon themselves to change the billing contact for me.
(It SHOULD be NOC99-ORG)  How nice of them.

I'm also wondering (and have been for months) how many other people had
noise injected into their NIC handles.  Notice the following two:

Registration Services Account (NOC99-ORG)
hostmaster at ENTERZONE.NET
   Network Operations Center
   6227 Headley Road
   Gahanna, OH 43230

   +1 614 316-2708
   Fax- - - o=U,onHo=qT

Network Operations Center (NOC179-ORG)          noc at ENTERZONE.NET
   Network Operations Center
   6227 Headley Road
   Gahanna, OH 43230

   +1 614 316-2708
   Fax- - o=U,on

I have been going back and forth for months with them over this.  For some
reason, I don't note any noise in or the absence of any NIC handles that
have anything to do with NetSOL.

>IF it was tested, everyone involved should be in the unemployment line
>because they are too incompetent for words.  This isn't some obscure
>incompatibility, this is the damn software not doing a significant portion
>of it's job!  It's like a 3D game that can't use Direct3D, or a database
>program that can't read the database (hey, isn't that what's happening!?!).

I stand fast on my position of testing precision thermonuclear devices in
Herndon, VA.  I don't think it's just incompetence.  It is flat-out greed.
Why employ competent staff when you can use your profits to finance an IPO?
 It is just sickening.

>To use your argument: "testing can only reveal the existance of a bug...".
>So why didn't testing reveal the existance of this major a bug?

They were all too busy watching their stock price on eTrade to bother with
any REAL testing.

Perceived Testing
1) Throw spaghetti on flat-bed scanner.
2) Scan spaghetti with OCR software.
3) Save captured text.
4) Type "make"
5) Amazement that it compiled.
6) overwrite old database software with new database software while buddy
throws tape backups in microwave on HIGH for 45mins.
7) Wait for phone to ring.

-- 30 seconds pass with no phone call --

8) Declare code perfect.

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