Severe Response Degradation

Derek Balling dredd at
Wed Apr 28 14:03:05 UTC 1999

This one at least seems to work for 172.x.x.x addresses... fails horribly 
on addresses though:

> server
Default Server:



That DNS server is the one I am "supposed" to point my home machine at 
(except that I find using REAL services as opposed to the ones @home offers 
gives me something better than "worthless" usability *grin*, so I don't 
ordinarily use them unless I absolutely have to).


At 09:39 AM 4/28/99 -0400, Daniel Senie wrote:

>Derek Balling wrote:
>I've tried it, without success. If anyone finds a particular DNS server
>in their realm which does resolve these, please let me know. They seem
>to treat the info as trade secrets... very annoying.

Be nice if we could just harken a LITTLE back to the old Fidonet days, find 
their IP-assignment practice for routers "Excessively annoying" and 
excommunicate them. :)

>Considering the large chunk of 24/8 they have, I can't imagine why they
>had to use RFC 1918 addresses throughout their infrastructure. When I
>raised issues about this (just after getting a T1 to their network),
>they had no answers other than that since they chose an MTU of 1500
>bytes for all their links, they didn't think path MTU discovery would be
>an issue.

That sounds about what I've come to expect. Its interesting since I live in 
Fremont, CA, where (if you hadn't heard) the City Council decided that 
"Hey, you provide service over cable... and cable is regulated... you're 
going to meet QoS standards or you're not going to provide cable service 
here either".

This coming after the City Council called TCI at Home support during a council 
meeting and was still on hold without having heard a human voice at the END 
of the meeting. A group of like 50 residents or so all came to the City 
Council meeting the same day TCI was getting fined for poor TV QoS (hold 
times, etc.), and made a loud stink about the Internet offering (hold time, 
ludicrous performance, etc.)

I think they might be able to get whacked with a very big Clue Stick, and 
it could be very painful for them.

I should note here that I actually do know at least one person in the @Home 
NOC (although not terribly well, but I'm at least acquainted with him) and 
he seemed to possess much clue. From what I can tell though, sadly, he's in 
the minority.


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