Severe Response Degradation

Andrew Brown twofsonet at
Wed Apr 28 14:04:29 UTC 1999

>> I haven't actually tried this, but I have been told that if you actually
>> use @Home's DNS servers and query the RFC1918 addresses for the routers, it
>> will give you back "intelligent" names.
>I've tried it, without success. If anyone finds a particular DNS server
>in their realm which does resolve these, please let me know. They seem
>to treat the info as trade secrets... very annoying.

i tried it. it worked fine.  dig ns and try those.  i just
axfr'ed	(36 answers)	(3770 answers)	(926 records)	(158 records)

from their (  they're not using the rest of
172.16/12.  or, at least, don't have the reverse zones set up.

>Considering the large chunk of 24/8 they have, I can't imagine why they
>had to use RFC 1918 addresses throughout their infrastructure. When I
>raised issues about this (just after getting a T1 to their network),
>they had no answers other than that since they chose an MTU of 1500
>bytes for all their links, they didn't think path MTU discovery would be
>an issue.

well then, they're obviously clueless.

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