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Mon Apr 5 02:38:12 UTC 1999

Yup a Cher. 6 is a really good solid a/c.  Flown them
many times.  Piper Lances are also really good solid 
plane.  Wish I owned one... Either..

I'd also say that Owen is a good solid pilot that does
not do stewpid things in airplanes, at least not the 
several times I have flown with him in the bay area.

I do believe he has flown a similar route many times and
knows the area and its risks.

Bottom line is that if I was still living in the bay area
I'd take Owen up on this offer, as long as I got to log
some of the time!.

Yes I Am A Pilot  or is that  YIAAP.ORG ?


At 09:21 PM 4/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
>GPS included there?  Planned cruising altitude?  Are you planning on flying
>the Ashland trip at night at 12,500 ft or below since I assume there is no
>supplimental oxygen?
>Please be careful, you might want to ask the weight of the people that
>email you.
>Can I ask if you have flown this area before?  What altitude are the
>obstructions enroute to Ashland at?  Ive got a GPS I can loan you for that
>leg.  Terrain would be my only concern.  For all who dont know that plan a
>Cherokee 6 is a heck of a strong plane, usually used for light cargo by
>many companies (newspaper bundles, bank notes etc).
>At 1:58 PM -0400 4/2/99, Owen DeLong wrote:
>>However, I think some people on the list may be interested...
>>I am flying a Cherokee Six (6 person single engine aircraft) to the
>>May NANOG.  Currently, two seats are occupied.  I'm looking for additional
>>people who would be interested in flying up with me.  I plan to leave
>>San Jose Sunday morning (5/23) around 9:00 to get to Eugene around Noon.
>>I have four seats available.  Plan is to share rental costs on the airplane,
>>divided equally amongst myself and the passengers.  The airplane rents
>>for $112/hour and I estimate we will log around 7-8 hours on it.
>>That's about $900 worst case.  If we get 6 people in the plane, that works
>>out to about $150 each.  Fuel is included in the rental rate.
>>I'm also planning to organize a side-trip to Ashland on Sunday night.
>>There is an 8:00 PM performance of Othello in the Agnes Bowmer theater
>>which is part of the Oregon Shakespeare festival.  There are currently
>>three seats occupied for that side trip, but the first three people who
>>sign up for the bay area run have priority on the remaining three seats
>>for the side-trip.
>>I am a Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land.  I have an Instrument
>>Rating.  I have over 600 hours of flight experience, including more than
>>200 hours in actual instrument conditions.  I have never been involved
>>in an incident or accident.  I have convinced four people who were afraid
>>of flying even on commercial airliners to fly with me.  One of them is
>>working on his private pilot certificate.  The other three fly every
>>chance they get.  If you have been in a small plane, then you know how
>>much fun this can be.  If you have not, this is a great opportunity to
>>see aviation from a whole new perspective.  Everyone in this plane can
>>see out the front windows and hear everything that's happening with
>>air traffic control.
>>The flight from the bay area to Eugene is a beautiful flight with
>>spectacular scenery along the way, including Mt. Shasta.  We'll
>>probably pass by Mt. Shasta about 500-1000' below the peak.  The
>>view is spectacular.  If people are interested, we will even be able
>>to circle the mountain.
>>If you are interested, please e-mail me.  I will reserve space in the order
>>in which I receive email replies.
>>Pilot: Owen DeLong
>>Airplane: N33076 Piper Cherokee Six (300 HP)
>>Disclaimer:  As with any air travel, this flight would be subject to delays
>>or cancellation due to mechanical or weather problems.  This aircraft does

>>not have the same weather capabilities as a commercial airliner, so there
>>is a slightly higher chance of the flight being delayed or diverted due
>>to weather.  However, in late May, the odds of unfavorable weather are very
>>very small.
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