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Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Wed Jul 29 09:15:42 UTC 1998

>How did they do (measured by your mailbox) today? :-(

Not a peep today.  There does still seem to be some fall out from
Monday's events, but I'm having difficulty correlating all of Tuesday's
weirdness with Monday's.  People may have been re-routing around
MCI on monday, and the extra traffic overloaded other lines; the
backlog (mail, news, etc) started flowing when MCI did a rolling
BGP reset overnight and it took most of the day to clear up; everyone
checking the Powerball lottery web sites for their lucky numbers; or
something completely different.  I didn't see any large 'outages' on
Tuesday, but there did seem to be a higher level of variability in
all types of service.

I'm interested in hearing what some of the professional and academic
Internet measurement projects showed.  I looked from many different
vantage points, but I'm always worried there may be something unusual
my customer population.

>No ETR today AFAIK... I'm still seeing some of my routes re-presented to
>the vbns, et al

Water, electrons, and ip packets all want to follow the path of least
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