T1 Circuit actual throughput 1290Kbps

Vincent Poy vince at venus.GAIANET.NET
Thu Jul 9 21:15:34 UTC 1998

Hello everyone,

	I have a question, here in Hawaii, we only have a few choices for
a uplink.

One is going through GTE reselling UUNet on a T1 Frame Relay (768k CIR)
which takes us on a Point to Point T1 to a channelized DS3 then to the
Frame Relay Cascade 9000 switch, then from that switch on a DS3 to another
Cascade 9000 switch and from there goes to a Cisco 7513 via DS3 Frame
Relay where UUNet's POP is located and from there, it goes out a
fractional DS-3 to UUNet in San Francisco.  We had tried this method
already and after 2 months of UUNet's NOC unable to solve the issue of the
T1 working correctly during 8am-6pm in the daytime but during the weekends
and 6pm-8am, it will do T1 speeds upstream but only 0.06k/sec on file
transfers downstream and halting.  The second method is to connect with
Oceanic Communications/Time Warner which has a direct OC-3 SONET hub just
installed in our facilities this week that uses digital fiber optics
bypassing the ILEC's CO with a Full Point to Point T1 to the OC-3 hub that
goes to Oceanic's Internet which has three separate InternetMCI T1's going
to San Francisco, Denver and Seattle load-balanced as well as a 10Mbps
ethernet connection to the Hawaii Internet Exchange peering point for
everyone except UUNet, would we be getting full T1 speeds to everyone in
the mainland US?  I know ANS is also an option but it's $5000 a month and
doesn't allow reselling.

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