REALLY URGENT! Ski Trip in Jeopardy

John M. Brown jmbrown at
Mon Jan 26 23:19:15 UTC 1998

If you want to go on either Saturday or Sundays 
SKI / Tour of Santa Fe then you

	  ___ M U S T  S I G N  U P  N O W ___

You have to call the 800 number and make your
reservations.  iHighway IS NOT making these nor are
we dealing with it at NANOG!

This can NOT be a last minute thing.  If you are 
interested then __PLEASE__ call   800-999-3109
by THIS Friday.

They need 30 reservation on each day, to make that day
happen.  If they don't have 30 reservations on Sat
then no Sat.  Same for Sunday.

Currently there are only 4 people holding reservations.

This is the ONLY message being sent out on this.


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