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Sanjay Dani sanjay at
Wed Jan 28 05:05:33 UTC 1998

> > >VSNL is the only game in India. Take a look at
> > >
> > Really?  When I was living in India ('95) several "software technology
> > park"s had been established.  In fact, I remember being connected to the
> There are several providers here, however, VSNL is the company that
> controls the access to the satellite transponders and such.  Everyone
> must go through VSNL for this, even STP.  Software tech parks are

> At least when your packets get dropped, they get dropped on the floor

Not all true. VSNL is the sole International gateway for commercial
ISPs in India. Private ISP services themselves are being sorted
out as the ISP market is being liberalized. With the upcoming general
elections next month, don't expect it to be sorted out.

VSNL (also the public sector monopoly for all International
phone calls from India) has several E1 connections through MCI.
They also announce a few blocks through teleglobe->Uunet.
I see robust connectivity to their Mumbai (Bombay) gateway
with round trip ICMP times of ~600ms all the time. We monitor
it for several of our India based customers.

Last but not the least, the ernet folks (dig in. soa) have
overseas connections independent of VSNL with UUnet and
also They offer dialup connections in Mumbai but
not sure of the terms.


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