BGP community based IP filtering

Alan Hannan hannan at
Fri Jan 16 00:54:30 UTC 1998

  You're absolutely correct.  The current protocol requires no
  modification, it's just relevant to the way the router handles
  other services.

  The thrust of my goal, mangled as it was, was that this become
  fairly common and expected.  If so, then one could communicate
  and act upon routes based upon their associated BGP communities.

  This, imho, would be a very good thing.


> >   Bear in mind this is not terribly useful to the world if Cisco
> >   does it alone, it should be tracked through IETF, but it would be
> >   nice if Cisco did the proof-of-concept and led the pack.
> But isn't what you described implementation details? I'm not sure if I
> see a standard to track in this... Perhaps a better venue to track 
> something like this is an IEPG/RIPE/IOPS/etc.

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