Open Standards vs IOPS etc [was Re: BGP community based IP filtering]

Chris Layton cll at
Fri Jan 16 11:07:27 UTC 1998

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Dorian R. Kim wrote:

> But isn't what you described implementation details? I'm not sure if I
> see a standard to track in this... Perhaps a better venue to track 
> something like this is an IEPG/RIPE/IOPS/etc.

Since you suggest IOPS as a body to track this issue, what do people think
about IOPS as a pseudo-standards group. This also came up at the December
IETF when Curtis suggested that draft-berkowitz-multirqmt document would
not be necessary since IOPS had a draft on the same subject. The IDR WG
seemed very sceptical of having a small closed body fill that role. How do
people see IOPS meshing with NANOG and the operational side of IETF?


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