Denial of Service Attacks disguised as Spam...

Dean Anderson dean at
Mon Jan 5 16:41:18 UTC 1998

>many respects, he is forging his identity and I cannot imagine that
>forgery is legal.

The ability to send anonymous email will probably remain protected.  Also,
the legal beagles I know tell me it is perfectly legal to use an alias as
long as it is not done for fraudulent purposes.

The issue of DoS vs. annoying selling methods comes down to intent.  If
there is no product, then one or more laws are being violated:

  Offering non-existant products for sale is a fraudulent activity.  It is
a federal offense if it involves interstate commerce.  If it is
intra-state, then usually only state laws apply.

  Intentional damage to a computer system engaged in interstate commerce is
a federal offense.

The FBI and/or the local police fraud unit should be able to help.

Identifying the source of someone sending 30,000 messages a day for a week
should be a doable task.


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