Denial of Service Attacks disguised as Spam...

Ravi Pina ravi at
Mon Jan 5 16:00:27 UTC 1998

Perhaps there are two classes of SPAM.

There are the ones which are sent from a mailing list of KNOWN users,
and then there are those which I've seen myself that just start a A,
and blast names down the list untill the program reaches Z.  AOL falls
victim to this on many occasion.
While I'd like to see all SPAM go away, you will probably never get rid
of the people who do the former.  It muck like filling out any survey,
and then you get USPS mail for eons relating to the questions you answered.
It is inevitable that we will be placed on mailing lists and those lists
will be sold. 

I do agree that we need to treat this as a DoS, but better methods of
tracing the user and then stopping them need to be established.  In
many respects, he is forging his identity and I cannot imagine that
forgery is legal.


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