Urgently need help: Question about Japanese leased line

Tatsuya Kawasaki tatsuya at giganet.net
Sat Dec 26 22:55:08 UTC 1998

Dear Operators,
I believe this type of leased line service is only in Japan.

Does anyone explain the REAL different bwtn DA(digital accesss),
DR (ditial Reach) and true leased line called HSD?
Better yet NO MORE DA NOR DR!!!!!!!!!!

I know from our experience, DA, DR  are cheap and always gives us the
problem when either sides of leased line goes off, ie  power failure.

In the past, all I can do is to ask NTT to check the line, needless to
say the result comes back with OKAY but with not our supprise-- hey what
would I expect from NTT anyhow..., without changing anything, the network
comes back normal.

Once someone explains in the past that it might be something to do with
electric charge in DSU which "lock" circuit and when it is disconnected to
check, it will be discharged and back to normal or something like
Anyone can add this or correct what I have just said.
Suggestion in either English or Japanese is accepted.

Sincerely urgently yours,



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