ARIN & re-using some /24s

Daniel MacKay Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Tue Dec 22 15:50:32 UTC 1998


I have a number of portable /24s which had been deployed in the early days
of the Internet to customers who do not use 'em any more.

Of course we're supposed to turn in unused /24s and ask our transport
providers for whatever space we need, but for a variety of reasons I'd like
to re-use these blocks, and I'd sort of like the ARIN info to be correct on
them -- not indicating they're in use by a company that went out of
business years ago for instance.

The last time I tried this, I got so much flack from ARIN that I gave up
and left the block registered to the wrong organization, but persistence
does usually pay off with them.

If you have had any experience re-registering blocks to totally different
organizations, that is, changing -all- of the info associated with a net
block, I'd like to hear from you- experiences and the procedure you

Please reply directly.  I'll summarize and post here next week.

Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Network Operations Centre Manager                   902 494-danm
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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