SPAM from NetScape and AOL

John M. Brown jmbrown at
Tue Dec 22 23:36:41 UTC 1998

Yup, no AOL account here.  Yup, Wayne is correcto-mundo.  
PS:  "I also clicked on the don't show my handle to the world option."

John "I don't and won't have an AOL account" Brown

or is that 

John "AOL is Internet U for the masses" Brown

At 10:34 AM 12/22/98 -0800, Wayne wrote:
>> I don't know how things really work under the covers, but your screen name
>> is visible to anyone in the AOL chat room as soon as you enter the room.
>> Do you have some evidence that it was AOL, and not merely some AOL user,
>> (or user's bot) that collected your AOL screen name?
>> -tjs
>I doubt that John Brown even has an AOL account.
>I assume what happened is that he gave them his email address on one 
>of their web sites and they decided it made a good entry into the 
>database they send "marketing opportunities" to? :-)

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