InterNIC "whois server <handle>" broke?

Derek Balling dredd at
Fri Dec 18 19:40:41 UTC 1998

So I was told (quite rudely I might add) by someone in a private e-mail.

As I said.. I'd never used that syntax before, so it was completely lost
on me. :)

My apologies for the noise. :)


On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Jeffrey Haas wrote:

> The whole purpose of the "server" directive is to give you a dump,
> within reason, of the domains that contain your server's NIC handle.
> Conch is no longer supposed to be serving DNS, but the NIC and its
> agents are giving us a HELL of a time getting the thing changed to the
> new handle, especially for domains that we aren't registered handles for.

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