Prioritization... (RED?)

Bradley Reynolds brad at
Tue Dec 8 23:47:18 UTC 1998

> One tidbit that is interesting: dwred on the 
> cisco gives non tcp packets the lowest possible

non-ip 	.. sorry.

> priority.  Thus, with an aggressive drop pattern
> (depending on how you have configured minth, maxth and
> exponential weight on the router) you will run into a problem.
> I am not sure as to who has dwred configured on congested
> interfaces at exchanges.  You can throw packets
> into one of 8 precedence levels @ your border and 
> then craft red to select harshly against low vs. high
> priority.  However, upon observation of a network
> without car matching certain types of traffic and
> setting priorities, i see about 3 orders of magnitude
> difference in packets moving at the lowest precedence
> compared to packets moving at higher precedences.  
> RED considerations are not necessarily the cause
> of your problem, but it is a possibility which is
> worth investigating.
> more cisco implementaion specific information at:
> BR

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