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Rusty Zickefoose rusty at
Wed Dec 2 01:38:49 UTC 1998

I've got to go with Pete K. on this one.  In our current, cidr-ized world, it
is simply not possible for an upstream provider to determine what is, or is
not, a broadcast address in a downstream network.  This is something that needs
to be implemented from the edge in, not from the core out.

On  2-Dec-98 at 00:55, Pete Kruckenberg (pete at wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Dean Anderson wrote:
> > You don't need a tool. People already have provisioning/configuration
> > tools or are doing it by hand.  Whichever is the case, just add a rule
> > to your customers interface. You know when you configure the interface
> > what the mask is and what the broadcast is.  All you need to do is add an
> > access list entry which applies to that customers interface.
> That works fine as long as you either manage your customers' equipment or
> your customers don't subnet blocks you give them. However, in real-world
> experience, neither of those apply, especially to a larger ISP/NSP (UUNet
> was mentioned in this thread at the beginning).

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